Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Simply Living Update

A few months ago I posted about a more simple lifestyle.  I posed a question, could a Salvation Army Officer live a simple life?  Honestly, I'm still ironing out the details, but I do think it could and actually should happen.   Since posting I have done well in some of the areas, and not so well in others, but we are all works in progress right?  One thing I have noticed however is that the more I read about a simple/minimilist lifestyle, the more I want it.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that is where I am headed.  I believe whole heartedly as well that it will not just be in my personal and family life, but in my ministry as well.

So here is my Simply Living Bucket List and an update on how I am doing.

Healthy Living
Natural/Whole Foods/Unprocessed                Hoping to do better with this
Excercise                                                         Walking and Jogging
House Beautiful
Continue going through house                         In progress
Weekly cleanings                                             In progress

Green Living
Recycling                                                         Need to do better

Gift Giving
Handmade or buying local                              Have already made some things, including pepper jelly

Spiritual Living
Studying the Bible More (we just recently finished reading the Bible in a year together, and hope to incorporate another reading plan this year.)      Continuing reading and studying
Continue Devotions at the Dinner Table            Doing these but not consistently

No Distractions
Less TV/Computer time                                  Recently, I cutout facebook, I am back on but limited                     

Renewing our Mind
Reading both for education and pleasure        Have read several books lately

Replenishing Family Relationships
Family Nights (fishing, movie nights, etc.)    Did a lot through the summer, hoping to do more during 

Authentic Missional Ministry                         More on this soon
Equipping our congregation move toward God and service to others.   We want to be more intentiona
Using Our resources wisely.                           Working on this
Decluttering storage rooms.                             Never ending!