Saturday, February 23, 2013

When Sickness Prevails...

I have been struggling to keep up with writing, but hoping that some new found motivation will keep me on a more consistent path.  The last few months have been filled with meetings, kettles, Christmas, a trip to South Carolina, and more recently...sickness.  First Thing 2, then a week later Thing 1, a week after that it was my turn.  Being sick or taking care of sick kids can wreak havoc on a ministry that depends on you for guidance and implementation.  Thankfully, in our current appointment, I have some fabulous leaders that can step in, in a pinch.  Of course, it doesn't stop my husband from hyperventilating at the thought of running things by himself in my absence. 

The past few weeks were a good reminder that developing leaders for all of our programs is essential.  There are many appointments, where this may seem like a huge feat.  In fact, it might be impossible.  So what happens when the kids are sick, and your spouse is left to fend for himself during youth activities?  I asked my friends in the Sallie*Mom Facebook group and they come up with some fabulous suggestions.

Create a "Sick Bay" for your sick kid to hang out in, perhaps in your office or other room in the building.  If your children are too young to stay in a separate room on their own, this may not work, unless you can find a responsible teenager or adult to watch them.  This would be perfect if you are short staffed and the sick one is responsible enough to stay in the room.  When Thing 1 got sick last week, my husband was in charge of the guitar class.  I had no alternate teacher.  Thing 1 was able to stay in my office and watch a TV show through the internet until the guitar class was finished.  I was able to take over activities from there, and they were able to go home for the rest of the night.

Find a Sitter.  This may not always be possible, but would be beneficial if the child is too sick to even venture out doors. 

Stay Home.  Sometimes you just have to stay home with the kids.  It may require some creative solutions on your part to get your activities done.  Last week, we were short staffed, so we made a decision to have movie night for youth activities.  It kept the youth entertained and contained! 

The important thing is to do what works for you and your family!  In what ways have you had to creatively provide for your sick kids?  What things do you do, when you find yourself short-staffed for activities at the corps?