Thursday, October 17, 2013

Psst...I am still here.

Maybe I should remind myself of that.  My goal of writing a few times a week, got side track this past just happened...again.  October 1st, we connected with Practice Hospitality's Whole30 Cleanse.  While the last few days at officer's councils did not go as well as it should have with the eating, I am happy to report we have definitely made changes to our food that will carry on past the 30 days.  Although we have not been able to follow everything to a T, we are on our way to a better, healthier eating lifestyle.  I still crave the nightly bowl of cereal, but having my husband on board has helped a lot.

My mom came in to watch the kids while we were away, and I am so thankful that family has been close enough to watch them during those times.  Its hard to be away from them.  I feel like I miss a lot, but with Skype and Facetime it has made being away a little easier.  I also have gotten to spend a few extra days with my mom, and that doesn't happen very often.

The next few weeks start another busy season for us, as it does for all of you Sallie*Moms out there.  If you have any ideas for Christmas Parties, organization ideas for Angel Tree or Kettles, make sure you post on the Facebook Page.