Friday, April 8, 2011

When They Start to Ask: Where Are You Going This Time...You Know You Have Been Gone Too Much!!!

For whatever reason, this year has been the traveling year for me.  I didn't plan it that way.  Are you any of you in the same boat?  On Wednesday night, during Women's Fellowship, I told them I wouldn't be there next week.  They didn't flip out, they just rolled their eyes and said those words, "where are you going this time?"  That's when I knew, I've been gone too much.

Some of it cannot be helped.  Those lovely weekends fill up fast with Youth Councils, Men's Camp, and Women's Camp.  But those other elective conferences that look like good opportunities in October and November, add up quick when they come around in March and April.  I just got back from the "Come to the Water Conference."  This conference is sponsored by the Weslyan Holiness Women's Clergy.  It was a good conference filled with women from many other denominations that preach Holiness!  What a blessing!

This week I am going to Territorial Officers Advisory Council.  Ladies (and gentlemen who stop by) if you have recommendations and haven't turned them in is you last opportunity.  Message me for a form.  This is our chance to voice concerns (legitimate concerns) involving programming and policy.  Many things have been changed because of TOAC and I am proud to serve.  (Although my husband is not quite pleased that I will be gone for four days!!!)

All of this to say, it is so important to have our calendars with us when we commit to conferences.  It is also important to be able to say no.  As I am looking at my calendar I am thinking, I might have over committed my self.  Are you feeling the same way!  What are ways that help you to say no?  How do you handle your family when there is no way around being a way for a short time?

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