Friday, September 4, 2015

Goodbye Summer...

This summer has been good to us.  We started it early by pulling our kids out of school three days before it ended.  (Don't worry, in our state we can fill out a form for educational outings.  This allowed us to take those days as excused absences!)  We decided to take a cross country trip to California.  Not only did we drive...but we camped too!  One night, we even camped in a teepee!  It was a cold 32 degrees that night!

We got to experience the Grand Canyon in all it's beauty.

 We got to spend time with our brother and sister and cousin.    And Beach time!!!

We stopped a lot along the way, seeing the Hoover Dam, Mohave Desert, Gateway Arch, and just the beauty of our country.

We drove two weeks through 13 states and loved every minute of it!

We still had a ton of summer left, but were never bored.

We had VBS, a thrift store remodel, Cadet intern, two camp assignments between us, things one and two spent three weeks with Grammie and Papa T, and we had one fabulous week at TYI.

We ended our summer the way we love to.  Together.  Oh and some fishing.


Now on to fall and all that comes with that.  Of course, we weren't expecting to experience two first days of school.  That my friends is a story for another day!  Until then, farewell Summer 2015.  You were awesome on so many levels! 

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