Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Works for Me Wednesday - Electronic Filing

works for me wednesday at we are that family

As I am venturing out into the digital world (you know I love my gadgets), I am loving that I can merge my minimalist - no clutter lifestyle (well I try anyway!) with my planning.  There is a handy app named Evernote that keeps me organized.  I can take a picture of notes I have taken, Agendas of meetings and file it in a electronic notebook that is accessible on my tablet, phone, or computer.  I can even email documents and emails I have received to certain notebooks in my Evernote Account.

All though I am certainly not an expert yet, I have loved getting to know this great app.  (I have no affiliation with the Evernote people, I just love to use it).  When I am emailed or given an Agenda for a meeting, I simply send it or snap a photo and file it in the appropriate notebook.  Then I don't have to take a ton of papers with me!  I can even take notes at the meeting and file them in the same way.  (I have a wireless keyboard for my tablet or I can use the keyboard provided on the tablet as well.

I have used a paper planner for a long time and it has been hard to let go, but having these apps have certainly lessened my need for the paper planning.  The tablet or smart phone fits in my purse so I have also lightened my load! 

It works for me!!!!

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